Update! Kitchen and Home Office.

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

We had people over last night.

At the Edwardses, this means that there will be at least one FULL day of house projects before the guests arrive.  It might mean that we will be elbow deep in paint, wrapped like a mummy in electrical wiring, or completely covered in sawdust up to 20 minutes before they arrive. This time, I’m VERY happy to say, it was our kitchen cabinets! (Thank you Scottie!)

I know it’s strange, but I actually felt the kitchen whisper a modest “thank you” when I was making coffee this morning. It’s been overexposed for a long time now. Aside from clothing my kitchen, I cheered it up with a little fun.

I’ve also been working on my office.

Here are a few quick things, that might give you some ideas for your home office.  My office is the smallest room in the house, so I converted the closet into shelving space. (Thank you Scottie!!) Still needs to be organized, but I love the Martha Stewart color! It’s called Awning.

I bought this beat up little secretary at a garage sale for $10. Still a work in progress, but I replaced the hardware with twine and vintage spools.

I filled lots of inexpensive frames with motivational and sentimental prints. The one on the top right is a little sketch my husband did of us. I love a particular quote by Victor Hugo and did a simple layout in blue. It’s the big one in the middle. You can see it on Pinterest. 

Behind the Love print is 1 Cor. 13, the one on the right is by Blanca Gomez, and the one at the bottom is my latest craze…the beautiful ampersand. 

That’s it for now!  Until the next guest…


“It Was Supposed to be a Standard Procedure” : A Short Story

June 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Here is another short story for you.

This one is a tragedy…

Once there was a tree.

It grew nice and tall and lived a great life.

Until it died. (Apparently cottonwoods are only 25 year tress).

Now the tree is gone.

And so is our roof.

Told ya it was tragic.

The End.

Wedding / Anniversary Gift Idea : If You Like Anthropologie

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since I’m on my story-telling kick, check these out. “Storybook Romance Dishtowels”.

I found them at Anthropologie for $42.

A little steep, but I couldn’t resist.

I think these would make a sweet gift. Like them?

The Queen-Princess Fairy is awesome! : A short story

May 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been neglecting this space for the past couple of months…and I feel bad about it.  So, I’m going to attempt to entertain you all with a series of short stories.

Here it goes…

Once upon a time there was a girl named Grace.

And a boy named Micah

At first, they were happy.

Until one fateful day, they walked through this magical alleyway where the birds cast a spell on them!

They became enslaved to and evil, but really talented Wizard-Cameraman. He followed them everywhere and filmed them…

So that he could take all the pictures back to his other wizard friends, like this guy. (This is really our realtor Yusuf. Please contact him for your next home purchase : yjohnson@goldwasserrealestate.com)

And then…they would take over the world! WHahahahahhahhaha!!!!!

But, they’re was someone on Grace and Micah’s side…A Queen-Princess Fairy. She began spying on the evil Wizard and went to tell all of her fairy friends of this wicked plot.

Meanwhile, Grace and Micah were getting really stressed out.

The evil Wizard wouldn’t stop telling them what to do!

Suddenly, the Queen-Princess Fairy reappeared! (see my shadow?) And beautifully sang magical words that broke the spell!!!!

The Wizard had been defeated!

But, he fell in love with the Queen-Princess Fairy and they lived happily ever after!!!!!!

To check out the REAL story, check it out HERE.  This was an Edwards Media production. 😀

More stories to come….

All about chocolate

April 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

If you EVER go to San Francisco, you MUST go to Ghirardelli Square and eat chocolate.

Yummm…This my friends, is pure bliss.

All you have to do is board the cable car for $5.

Head toward the bay or Alcatraz, whichever one fascinates you most.

And then, voila!

Be thankful for your taste buds…

And savor every moment.



Off the Wall : a remodeling project

March 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

There are lots of boys in our office.  Lots of them.  And there’s something about these particular guys…something that makes me think in another life they’d be race car drivers, assassins, or stunt men.

There’s just a lot of testosterone.

So, they’ve been wanting to create a larger office area.  They decided to take down the wall in between two rooms.

“A whole wall?! We get to DESTROY a whole wall?”

And the demolition began.

After assessing the situation and giving ideas with occasional manly grunts and nods of affirmation, they warmed up by taking out a few chunks.

Then Scott kicked it.

Got a little stuck

Then they decided this would be too good an opportunity to pass up, so they grabbed the video camera.

The girl in the purple is my faithful comrade in girly-ness, Hannah.  We do what we can for our gender in the office, but sometimes I feel it’s just a losing battle in there.

I failed to capture their next brilliant idea, which was to have George “walk through the wall”.  Scott’s face documents the outcome.

George with the theme song “Bad to the Bone” playing in his head. “What now?!?!”…manly grunt.

Then there was a mad rush for everyone or every”man” to have their chance with the wall. Brad liked the kicking idea. (Notice he’s in the air.)

After much ruckus, the Boss decided to join in.  Greg watching George’s stunt…

Greg cracking up

Greg joining in

Great guy. And that was the end of the wall.

Made it through with a few minor scrapes/war wounds (Brad’s arm).

And lots of fun.

Hopefully they didn’t enjoy it too much.  Partitions are valuable to Hannah and I in this environment.

A New and Refreshing Airline Experience

March 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

Recently, Scott and I went to Florida.

It was my first time flying on Southwest, and I really feel the need to share.


I’m from Atlanta, and if you know anything about that airport, you know that the Big Dog (or Dawg) is Delta. And I’m not here to airline bash, but honestly after my Southwest experience, I don’t want to fly any other way. This is why…

Problem #1 :  We missed our flight.

SW Solution #1 :  A very friendly HUMAN took my call and helped me book a later flight.

Problem #2  : We had A LOT of stuff.  We had ONE bag of clothes and SEVEN bags of equipment.

SW Solution #2  : We checked 4 bags for FREE!

All so we can go to Florida, and set up lights, a dolly, two cameras, a tripod, a steady cam, and several lenses in a stranger’s apartment…and finally, film!  (Then we tear it all down and start over in several other locations.)

Problem #3  : We had two layovers.

SW Solution #3  : We had a beverage and a snack for FREE!  Hooray for Honey Roasted Peanuts!

Problem #4  : We had two layovers.

SW Solutions #4  : We were entertained by the wonderful flight attendants. This rendition of the usual pre-flight instructions was given at 5 times the normal speed, but I noted this part just for you.

“Hello folks…Buckle the seatbelt tight and low on your hips, like where Brittany Spears wears her pants. If you don’t like the jokes on this aircraft, there are six emergency exits…” – Real quote from flight attendant from Houston to Orlando.

Here’s another entertaining moment…

“Folks I’d like to inform you that we have a special passenger onboard. He’s a gentleman that turned 105 today.”  Gasps and applause from entire cabin.

“And it’s his first flight ever!!” More gasps and applause from the entire cabin.

“So, be sure to wish the captain a Happy Birthday as you exit the plane!”  Wahhhh?!!?

I also entertained myself by playing the sudoku puzzles in the magazine in the “seat back pocket in front of me”, and taking random shots of my hubby.  I really liked this one.

I will now conclude this post with yet another quote from our wonderful attendant.

“That’s all folks, and thank you for flying SssssssssssouthWest Airlines!!!!!”