Shameless Plug

January 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Scott has been sitting at his desk for several days creating a new website.  He has decided to move away from design and only do videos now.  His design business is called BrightGrey Studios. His current site…drum-roll please….EDWARDS MEDIA!

Hey look! It’s Sabrina!

I love how all of Scott’s projects are so unique, and so far, have been with amazing people. For the video above, people were in and out of our apartment for two days (it became the production office and one of the sets).

This video (below), was for the Heaven series at a super cool church, Shoreline. Scott and the guys had to stand in the greenbelt’s freezing cold water for a couple hours.  Scott’s clothes were caked with dirt after that shoot.

I did his laundry separately that day.

And this is Micah! Doesn’t he look happy?! He is a pretty happy guy.

And Hil-arious.

In this commercial, for an awesome Apartment Locating Company, I drove a golf cart with 6 people in it.  That was fun.

I especially loved taking direction from the director.

Scott – “Megan, floor it.”

Megan – “Okay, baby!”

Scott – “One more take.”

Megan – “Okay, chunkles.”

Scott – “I need you to turn a little sooner next time.”

Megan – “Okay, shnuggie.”

He really likes having my loving support on set. Hehehehe.

And this was the most fun weekend of all time.  We had SOOOO many great people that we worked with on this one. I was really bossy, and no one punched me. So, it was a success.

The short is called “The Fix”, and we submitted it to the 48 hour film festival. We made it in 48 hours.

I’m telling you, I saw real t-a-l-e-n-t that weekend.

The guy in the shot is Jeff Gibbs. He’s a really great actor, and plays a boxer in this short. We have a trailer up if you want to check it out.

So, go check out!

Have fun, and if you want any of the “behind the scenes” stories, you know where to find me!!


§ 3 Responses to Shameless Plug

  • MillieBo says:

    Love it!! Congrats, Scott on the new site and new name. I’m so very proud of my friend.

  • Rodnesha says:

    Umm… you guys make me fly… HIGH!! (that’s from FRIENDS). But seriously, I always love to see you two making moves – it’s encouraging, and inspiring!

  • Ashlee says:

    We love you two!! And we are so pumped about all the challenges and projects thats been happening this past year! I wrote “Another shameless plug” on the BenAsh blog for the Edwards. I can’t help myself :-).

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