Busy Bee

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Megwards Inc. has been quite busy lately. The “Inc.” stands for all of my outstanding employees…me, myself, and I.  We take turns staying awake and being productive.

I really love this staying busy thing, so if you know anyone who needs a logo, business card, product photography or a website, let me know!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

This logo was really fun to design.  It’s for a boutique in Oxford, Mississippi.  Check out the facebook page. Cute store!

Here is one for my friend Hannah, who is hosting a conference in the Fall.  I did the website too, although there is still a bit to go on it. (Guess I’ll have to make Myself work a little overtime. Hehehe.) I’ll post the link another day, so you can check it out.

I did a portfolio folder for a company called Power to Perform.  They go into the corporate world and give the employees exercise and a work out on company time!  Company’s love it because it helps to increase productivity. (I think Me might need to hire these guys. She’s been slacking lately.)

Power to Perform will have a brand spankin new site in a month or two. Scott is doing the videos for it, and they rock. I’ll post the link when they’re up.

The last thing I’ll show you today is my product photography. I ordered great equipment with some of my earnings from this little project. It will make the process MUCH easier.

These guys make all organic and natural products. I saw a shelf of their stuff in Sprouts the other day! I felt really big time. It’s called Lafe’s.

(The new photos aren’t up on their site yet, so don’t blame me for the one with the ghetto orange background.)

That’s enough about me, myself and I for now. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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