A New and Refreshing Airline Experience

March 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

Recently, Scott and I went to Florida.

It was my first time flying on Southwest, and I really feel the need to share.


I’m from Atlanta, and if you know anything about that airport, you know that the Big Dog (or Dawg) is Delta. And I’m not here to airline bash, but honestly after my Southwest experience, I don’t want to fly any other way. This is why…

Problem #1 :  We missed our flight.

SW Solution #1 :  A very friendly HUMAN took my call and helped me book a later flight.

Problem #2  : We had A LOT of stuff.  We had ONE bag of clothes and SEVEN bags of equipment.

SW Solution #2  : We checked 4 bags for FREE!

All so we can go to Florida, and set up lights, a dolly, two cameras, a tripod, a steady cam, and several lenses in a stranger’s apartment…and finally, film!  (Then we tear it all down and start over in several other locations.)

Problem #3  : We had two layovers.

SW Solution #3  : We had a beverage and a snack for FREE!  Hooray for Honey Roasted Peanuts!

Problem #4  : We had two layovers.

SW Solutions #4  : We were entertained by the wonderful flight attendants. This rendition of the usual pre-flight instructions was given at 5 times the normal speed, but I noted this part just for you.

“Hello folks…Buckle the seatbelt tight and low on your hips, like where Brittany Spears wears her pants. If you don’t like the jokes on this aircraft, there are six emergency exits…” – Real quote from flight attendant from Houston to Orlando.

Here’s another entertaining moment…

“Folks I’d like to inform you that we have a special passenger onboard. He’s a gentleman that turned 105 today.”  Gasps and applause from entire cabin.

“And it’s his first flight ever!!” More gasps and applause from the entire cabin.

“So, be sure to wish the captain a Happy Birthday as you exit the plane!”  Wahhhh?!!?

I also entertained myself by playing the sudoku puzzles in the magazine in the “seat back pocket in front of me”, and taking random shots of my hubby.  I really liked this one.

I will now conclude this post with yet another quote from our wonderful attendant.

“That’s all folks, and thank you for flying SssssssssssouthWest Airlines!!!!!”


§ 5 Responses to A New and Refreshing Airline Experience

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