Off the Wall : a remodeling project

March 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

There are lots of boys in our office.  Lots of them.  And there’s something about these particular guys…something that makes me think in another life they’d be race car drivers, assassins, or stunt men.

There’s just a lot of testosterone.

So, they’ve been wanting to create a larger office area.  They decided to take down the wall in between two rooms.

“A whole wall?! We get to DESTROY a whole wall?”

And the demolition began.

After assessing the situation and giving ideas with occasional manly grunts and nods of affirmation, they warmed up by taking out a few chunks.

Then Scott kicked it.

Got a little stuck

Then they decided this would be too good an opportunity to pass up, so they grabbed the video camera.

The girl in the purple is my faithful comrade in girly-ness, Hannah.  We do what we can for our gender in the office, but sometimes I feel it’s just a losing battle in there.

I failed to capture their next brilliant idea, which was to have George “walk through the wall”.  Scott’s face documents the outcome.

George with the theme song “Bad to the Bone” playing in his head. “What now?!?!”…manly grunt.

Then there was a mad rush for everyone or every”man” to have their chance with the wall. Brad liked the kicking idea. (Notice he’s in the air.)

After much ruckus, the Boss decided to join in.  Greg watching George’s stunt…

Greg cracking up

Greg joining in

Great guy. And that was the end of the wall.

Made it through with a few minor scrapes/war wounds (Brad’s arm).

And lots of fun.

Hopefully they didn’t enjoy it too much.  Partitions are valuable to Hannah and I in this environment.


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