Hi! I’m Megan.

So glad you found my blog amidst the many, many blogs in cyberspace.

Here’s the short story to the purpose said blog: I graduated as an English teacher and shortly after realized that my passion was much more English than teaching.  I also (shortly after graduating), married a graphic designer, painter, photographer, videographer, and director.  Yes, 1 person…not 5.  He opened the world of design and art to me, and I LOVE IT!  I pretty much tag along to everything and anything that he works on for two reasons. 1. I really like being with him. 2. I love learning this stuff!

I’ve started my own little business and am having a lot of fun developing a clientele. Most of the people I have worked with are up and coming talents who need flyers, logos, and websites.  You can view some of my work at http://www.megwards.com.

So, this blog will featuring my discoveries of

  • design
  • painting
  • script writing
  • producing
  • and I might even share a recipe every once in a while

It might seem random at times, but the world is so wide!  Hope you read, comment, and enjoy.

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